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Events and Activities

We run a regular programme of events and activities for all those interested in research in medieval and renaissance studies, from our regular Edinburgh Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, to international conferences and informal discussion groups. These are supplemented by the many events run by subject areas and schools at the university which often stage events of interest to medieval and renaissance scholars.

Regular Seminars and Discussion groups

Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies Research Seminars

Islamic Civilisation and the Islamic Tradition: Past and Present

Mondays, 5.30pm

unless noted otherwise

G2, IMES, 19 George Square

Semester 2, 2013-14

All welcome




13th January 2014


Luke Treadwell, University of Oxford


'The Myth of Umayyad kingship'

20th January 2014

Songuil Mecit
University of Edinburgh


'The Rum Seljuqs and their neighbours'

17th January 2014

Mona Siddiqui, University of Edinburgh


'From Islamic law to lawyers' law: a personal experience'.

3rd February 2014

Harry Munt, University of Oxford

‘Pre-modern Arabic and Persian local histriography: genre and readership'.

10th February 2014

Saeko Yazaki, University of Glasgow

‘Zionism and the Judaeo-Islamic tradition: A.D Yahuda and his Andalusian vision'.

17th February 2014

Emanuele Intagliate, University of Edinburgh

‘Late antique and early Islamic Palmyra: an archaeological and historical reassessment ’.

24th February 2014

Robert Hillenbrand ,
University of Edinburgh & St Andrews

'Light in Islamic architecture'

3rd March 2014

Carole Hillenbrand ,
University of Edinburgh & St Andrews

'The history of Orientalist scholarship on jihad'

10th March 2014

Tim Greenwood, University St Andrews

 'Christian communities in pre-Islamic Mesopotamia: the Armenian connection'

17th March 2014

Sarah Bowen Savant, The Aga University

‘Iran's converation to Islam and history writing as an art for forgetting’.


March 2014

Yaser Mirdamadi & Francesco Stermotich,  University of Edinburgh

‘Can (and how does) Gold Talk? The problem of revelation in the modern Jewish and Muslim philosophical theology & The spiritual in Islamic calligraphy: a phenomeological approach to the contemporary Turkish calligraphic tradition ’.


Tuesdays 5.15pm

Meadows Lecture Theatre
Doorway 4, William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School, Teviot Place)

unless noted otherwise

All welcome


drawing of man reading

                     Semester 1 2014/2015

16th September 2014


R I Moore (Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne


The "Cathars" in Perspective

23rd September 2014

Dr Julian Goodare, University of Edinburgh

Witchcraft and prophecy in Scotland

30th September 2014

Martin Goldberg, National Museum of Scotland


7th October 2014

Elsje van Kessel, University of St Andrews


14th October 2014

Mike Carr, University of Edinburgh


21st October 2014

Richard Oram, University of Stirling

The Worst Disaster Suffered by the People of Scotland in Recorded History?

28th October 2014

Anthony Lappin, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Coming to grips with the Qur'an in medieval Europe

4th November 2014

Rory Cox, University of St Andrews


11th November 2014

Emanuele Intagliata, University of Edinburgh

Hanna Shepherd, University of Edinburgh

Lauren Jessie Chochinov , University of Edinburgh

PG Workshop

18th November 2014

Jochen Schenk, University of Glasgow

25th November 2014


Norman Housley, University of Leicester

Crusade and Reform, 1414-1449: allies or rivals?

9th December 2014

Rhiannon Purdie, University of St Andrews


PDF version of programme

Previous Events

Information on previous events held by the centre can be be viewed on the News and Events Archive.

For more information about renaissance and early modern events around Scotland, everyone is welcome to join the Renaissance and Early Modern Studies in Scotland emailing list at


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