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Medieval and Renaissance research and staff list

Edinburgh Medieval and Renaissance studies staff are involved in several research projects that aim to give new insights into the period; links to many of these are listed on the right.

Academic staff in the Centre are listed below by School, with a brief description of their relevant research interests and a link to staff pages for more information. At present this list does not include Honorary Fellows or research postgraduates.

Edinburgh College of Art

Claudia Bolgia - Medieval Italian art and architecture and their historical and intellectual context
Jill Burke - Italian Renaissance visual culture
Ian Campbell
- Late medieval and early modern architectural theory and practice in Italy and Scotland
Alain George - Early Islamic visual culture, especially calligraphy
David Howarth - Painters and patrons of the Baroque; culture in Stuart Britain
Jim Lawson - Italian Renaissance architectural theory and practice
John Lowrey - Early modern Scottish architecture
Luca Palozzi - Monumental sculpture and artistic relations in late Medieval Italy
Heather Pulliam - Ireland and Britain (700-900) especially, semiotics, iconography, vision and colour
Noel O'Reagan - Sacred Music and Musical Patronage in 16th- and early 17th-Century Italy
Thomas Tolley - Visual culture and visuality in northern Europe in the later Middle Ages
Genevieve Warwick - Italian Renaissance/Early Modern European art and visual culture c. 1450-1750


Jane Dawson - Religious history in Scotland and the islands of Britain, c 1450-1700
David Fergusson - Issues in Christian doctrine, theological ethics and Reformed theology especially in Scotland
Susan Hardman Moore - 17th century reformed theology and piety
Oliver O'Donovan - Christian ethics, Augustine
Sara Parvis - Early Christianity; patristics

History, Classics and Archaeology

Bill Aird - Western Europe in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, in particular the history of the "Norman diaspora"
Monica Azzolini - Early modern medicine and science, especially Italy
László Bartosiewicz - Zooarchaeology; animal exploitation practices in all periods from the Neolithic onwards, Medieval Animal Database
Cordelia Beattie - Women and gender in late medieval England
Steve Boardman - Late medieval Scotland
Stephen Bowd - Italian renaissance religion, politics and culture
Tom Brown - Social history of Byzantine Italy, early medieval urban history
Adam Budd - Methods training; anglo-scottish print culture c. 1500-1800
Sarah Cockram - Animals in medieval and early modern Europe, and Power at the Italian Renaissance court
James Corke-Webster - Roman History and Eusebius
Jim Crow - Roman and Byzantine archaeology
Patricia Dennison
- History and archaeology of Scottish towns
Adam Fox - Economic, social and cultural history of early modern Britain
James Fraser - Peoples and politics in Scotland 300-800
Julian Goodare - Early modern Scottish government, finance and politics and the European and Scottish witch-hunt
Felicity Green - Early modern intellectual history
Judith Green - Government and society in the Anglo-Norman world
Lucy Grig - Material and literary culture of the Mediterranean world in Late Antiquity
Ine Jacobs - Roman and early Byzantine Archaeology
Gavin Kelly - Latin poetry of the fourth and fifth centuries, and Rome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity
Eyal Poleg - the Medieval Bible in Scotland project
Gianluca Raccagni - Western Europe in the central Middle Ages especially political culture, crusades, and the Italian cities
Eberhard Sauer - Roman Empire and more recently also Sasanian Persia
Catherine Ware - Late Antiquity
Tom Webster - Belief and practice in early modern England


Paul du Plessis - Roman law and its medieval interpretations
Hector MacQueen - Law of medieval Scotland

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Celtic and Scottish Studies

Abigail Burnyeat - Early Gaelic vernacular literature, literacy; early  medieval learning
William Gillies - Scottish and Irish Gaelic language
Anja Gunderloch - Gaelic poetry
Wilson McLeod - cultural politics of Scottish and Irish Gaelic literature

English Literature

Miranda Anderson - Medieval and Renaissance literary and cultural texts, paradigms of the human mind
Sarah Carpenter - Medieval and Tutor literature, drama
Dermot Cavanagh - Reformation and sixteenth-century literature and politics
Sarah Dunnigan - Medieval and Renaissance Scottish literature, esp women's writing, ballads and folktales
Elizabeth Elliott - late medieval and early modern literature, esp memory and life-writing, authorship, medieval literary theory, and the politics of vernacular writing
Anna Groundwater - early modern Scottish government, esp role of patronage, obligation, alliance, friendship and kinship
James Loxley - Politics of discourse in seventeenth century Britain and Ireland
Eleanor Rycroft - Tudor and Stuart stage, social and political contexts of early modern literature, and practice-based research
David Salter - Culture of the later Middle Ages, esp romance and literature of traditional religion
Suzanne Trill - Early modern English women's writing
Greg Walker - Literary, dramatic and political history of the 16th century

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Andrew Marsham - Late antiquity and early Islam
Andrew J. Newman - History of Islamic law
Richard Todd - Early Abbasid poetry

Asian Studies

Ian Astley - Japanese and Chinese religions and philosophy, especially Buddhism
Paul Dundas - Medieval Jainism and the Sanskrit court epic
Julian Ward - Travel writing especial Xu Xiake (1587-1641)

European Languages and Cultures
John Ardila - The Spanish Golden Age
Philip Bennett - French medieval literature and culture
Veronique Desnain - Early modern French literature and philosophy
Severine Genieys-Kirk - Sixteenth and seventeenth-century French writing, especially women's writing
Huw Lewis - Medieval literature, particularly ballads and folk literature
Alan Macniven - Viking diaspora and place-name studies
Jeremy Robbins - Spanish culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially the Baroque
Sabine Rolle - German medieval literature and history
Lara Ryaznova-Clarke - Early epic and chronicle, icons
Fionnùala Sinclair - Medieval French, Occitan and Italian literature and culture, and the inter-relation between these

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Linguistics and English Language

Patrick Honeybone - Phonology, including Old and Middle English
Meg Laing - Early and Late Middle English
Linda van Bergen - Old English
Keith Williamson - Older Scots language


Inna Kupreeva - Aristotelian tradition; early Byzantine philosophy
Pauline Phemister - Early modern philosophy, especially Rationalists and Locke
Alasdair Richmond - Metaphysics of time; philosophy of science, British empiricists.


Charles Withers - Cultural and historical geography; geography and the enlightenment; the cultural geography of Gaelic Scotland.

Social and Political Studies (Science Studies)

John Henry - History of science and medicine from Renaissance to nineteenth century.

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